I would squint to see if she was in the seat

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I would squint to see if she was in the seat

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When I met her for the first time, I thought she was similar to me. That year, we were sixteen years old.At that age, I was still ignorant of love. I just thought she was beautiful and nice. She likes white, and my skin is pale, we all sing on the way home: butterflies fly, like youth running in the wind. I was on my way to school, perhaps at a corner of the street, and I personalized necklace could see her appearance.

When I peeked at her, she was always doing exercises. Every time the exercises were solved, she custom necklaces smiled. If the exercises could not be solved, she frowned.On rainy days, she or one of me is always without an umbrella. We hold an umbrella together, shoulder to shoulder. How I want to go on like this. The rain drenched her hair, soft as her eyes, and I always felt, how could I ever feel something like this sister?

I said, "I don't like it when you cry and make trouble. She hit me with a punch: who wants you to like it? Why don't you look at your silly appearance.We went to key high schools together, and we were in the same class. But she and I are no longer deskmates. She sat in front of me. Every time I stepped into the classroom, I would squint to see if she was in the seat, always afraid she would leave; every time someone turned in front of me, I would raise my head, always afraid of losing contact with her eyes.

As we grew older, we gradually understood that we were gradually becoming estranged and gradually learning melancholy. We no longer go home together, no longer together to listen to songs, she has been graceful, no longer like a little sister, I have a tiger back bear waist, with https://www.lovmer.com a man's rough, but I deeply know: we still have something in common, we all have melancholy eyes.I began to know costume jewelry that I had to dress up and keep my eyebrow. I especially like windy days, when the wind blows my name necklace hair, when she sees me, I imagine her heart activity. She still likes white, and I'm still pale, and we all sing in our rooms: Go, go, life is hard to avoid suffering and struggling.

When we graduated from high school, we left messages on each other's message boards. She wrote to me: I will always remember the green years we passed together. I wrote to her: Remember, learn to grow up, also learn not to cry, in my heart, you are my sister forever.Then, after college, graduation, work, marriage, we never saw each other again, just in the rain, I still think of her, and then the sour heart is rolling. I always think, do you remember me now? Do you still remember me who have Melancholy eyes same as you?

We all have melancholy eyes.